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Wall Pros

Wall Pros is a professional retaining wall contractor with an engineering and a code compliance department for retaining wall construction and certification within the City of Alpharetta. Wall Pros includes the engineering and site plans required to build new architectural and replacement retaining walls four feet in height and taller to code in every Georgia city. What sets us apart from other local Atlanta retaining wall contractors is that our work is both certified and attractive.

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Retaining wall certification provides consumers legal recourse should the retaining wall ever fail. Most cities and counties now require a certification stamp by a licensed Georgia structural engineer before officially closing building permits for retaining walls. Until the retaining wall building permit is closed the project is considered incomplete and the consumer is at risk.

Retaining Wall with Steps

Retaining wall steps provide easy access to the different levels of your property following grading and wall completion.

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Retaining Wall Construction

Project managers at Wall Pros have twenty years of retaining wall demolition and construction experience and direct a well-trained crew. To ensure the most successful result, each of our crews specializes in the construction of a specific retaining wall type. Wall Pros crews are always well-prepared for each site inspection by the city or county inspector which are scheduled in advance to save time. By following the engineering plans precisely, and being prepared and in-sync with site inspections keeps our projects moving swiftly, saving time and cost.

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Retaining Walls Near Trees

We have developed many techniques of retaining wall construction which preserves trees and large plants on your property. Retaining wall anchors can be employed when the terrain makes traditional methods impossible.

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Tiered Retaining Walls

Whether a customer simply prefers the aesthetics of tiered retaining walls to a tall retaining wall or the circumstances prevent a single retaining wall solution, we have many options to consider.

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Tiered retaining walls are also known as terraced retaining walls and are used to divide the walls into sections like terraces over a sloped terrain or on very a steep grade.

Driveway Supported by a Retaining Wall

We offer gorgeous solutions for even the most problematic driveways that require a retaining wall for support. Pre-engineered modular block with matching pavers are just one of our very aesthetically pleasing methods.

driveways supported by a retaining wall

Stone Retaining Walls

There are several types of stone retaining walls. Sometimes the retaining wall is constructed of very large boulder sized stones to retain the ground behind it. Rubble walls use bowling ball sized stones and mortar to retain the ground behind it. The last type of stone retaining wall is a poured concrete or cinder block masonry retaining wall that is covered with stone veneer.

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Modular Block Walls

Once a popular choice for retaining wall construction, modular block retaining walls are now considered among the least desirable options. Inflation has caused the manufacturing and freight costs of modular block to match that of stronger and far more attractive alternatives. Moreover, when visible from the street, modular block retaining walls have been banned by HOA’s and several Georgia cities as they do not age well and become an eyesore.

Cross Tie Timber Retaining Walls

Due to changes in EPA regulations, crosstie timbers are no longer issued building permits for retaining walls.

Landscape timbers are not durable enough for use in retaining walls over two feet in height as were crosstie timbers. The lifespan of landscape timbers is only about five years, whereas retaining walls made of crossties endured decades. For these reasons, we no longer use wood of any kind for retaining wall construction or replacement.