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Retaining Wall Professionals

We build new and replacement retaining walls to stop soil erosion and create more functional space for outdoor living, driveways, and play areas. What sets us apart from other retaining wall contractors is that we believe retaining walls can be as attractive as they are functional. We are happy to help you select an aesthetically pleasing wall type and style to fit the application that best blends with your environment.

retaining wall construction crew

Experienced Builders

Each of our retaining wall project managers have at least twenty-five years of experience and leads a well-trained crew who specialize in a specific retaining wall type. We have developed many techniques of retaining wall construction which preserves trees and large plants on your property. Retaining wall anchors can be employed when the terrain makes traditional methods impossible.

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Driveway Supported by a Retaining Wall

We offer gorgeous solutions for even the most problematic driveways that require a retaining wall for support. Pre-engineered modular block with matching pavers are just one of our very aesthetically pleasing methods.

driveway support retaining wall

Cross Tie Timber Retaining Walls

timber retaining wall

Cross tie timbers are no longer manufactured for sale due to changes in EPA regulations. But if you want a natural looking product and can accept their limiting linear architecture, landscape timbers are now used instead. Just be aware that landscape timbers are not as durable and will not last as long as cross ties. Many counties and cities now have height restrictions on landscape timber retaining walls.

Tiered Retaining Walls

To avoid the looks of one tall wall, we can build a far more attractive tiered retaining wall system. Tiered, or terraced walls, also provide great landscaping options.

stone retaining wall

Stone Retaining Walls

Large stones or boulder retaining walls blend into any natural surroundings. These walls generally begin with a concrete masonry unit wall with either a stone veneer or larger stones positioned and secured in front for a very natural appearance.

tiered retaining walls

Retaining Wall with Steps

Retaining wall steps provide easy access to the different levels of your property following grading and wall completion.

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Pre-Engineered Modular Block Walls

The relatively low cost, along with endless color and style choices, make pre-engineered modular block retaining walls, also called allan or segmental wall systems, a popular choice for many Georgia homeowners. Pre-engineered modular block retaining walls also enable us to provide our customers with a much longer warranty than any other wall type.